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Our mission is to create a space that provides children and families with open opportunities for active play, spontaneous adventures, rich exploration and discovery, and a true connection with nature while building understanding and respect for the environment and the interdependence of life around us. This is done in the service of enhancing children’s physical and mental well-being. Buena Vista Playground will be a great place to learn and grow.

About Our Initiative

In 2014, Buena Vista School, the castle on the hill, celebrated it's 100th birthday and in 2022 it was granted the title Nature Based School for grades Pre-K to 5 in Saskatoon! As such, a group of parents, teachers, administrators and community members gathered together in the hopes of creating an outdoor learning space that supported such a title. With playground upgrades made only a few years earlier, there were was an ambitious team ready to continue the work that they started. We are currently in the planning stages and hope to have our 3 phase project posted on this site for all to see, support and share widely! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us! We hope that you come out and support one of our events soon!







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